Friday, December 7, 2018

Friday, Dec. 7th - Day 5

Hello Everyone,

Please see below for class updates:

Christmas Concert:

  • PERFORMANCE TIME CHANGE: The afternoon performance time has been changed to begin at 12:30pm.  Evening concert will still start at 7pm.  
  • Students are to still be picked up by parents from school at regular dismissal time on Tuesday, Dec. 11th to go home and dinner.  Students are to be dropped off back at the dome for 6pm sharp.  
  • students are to wear red, green, brown, etc. Christmas sweaters are fine as well :) 
Language- G is for gumball! 

 Practicing on the new stage for the upcoming concert on Tuesday!  We are so excited to show everyone our song!

Thursday, Dec. 6th - Day 4

Hello Everyone,

Please see note below from Ms. Hayward:

Math- Ornament counting.  With the holidays around the corner, we talked about who had Christmas trees in their house.  Then, we talked about different things we see on trees: ornaments, lights, stars, string (garland) . We practiced counting by putting ornaments on trees!

 Language- We practiced the letter G jolly phonics song.  Then, we wrote out words we have heard this week that begin with the letter G.

Gym with Ms. King and Ms. Fisher (Ms. Yustin was in parent-teacher interviews)!  We played Go Noodle and had a dance party!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Wednesday, Dec. 5th

Class Notes:

Legoland field trip permission form
  • An invoice of $35 was sent out for our field trip coming up on January 16th.  This permission form is due Fri. Dec. 14th
Christmas Concert

  • Please refer to Ms. King’s blog as well as the students will be with her and another teacher while I run rehearsals throughout the day this week. Ms. King’s blog:
  • Concert outfits: With the concert approaching, I wanted to notify you all about what the students are wearing.  I want to keep it simple for everyone and have the students wear a nice and comfortable outfit that can be red, green, or brown along with their black shoes.  As the students will be dancing during the concert I want to ensure their comfort as much as possible.  There are two concerts running on December 11th. The afternoon performance for parents begins at 1:30pm and the evening performance at 7pm.  Parents are welcome to attend one or both performances and students must attend both.

Today we watched Ms. Fisher run the rehearsals for the Christmas concert!
We also practiced our letter G phonics song:
Students also participated in Inquiry Centres at the end of the day.  Students used blocks, the toy jewels, and knex.

Monday, Dec. 3rd - Day 1

This week we are learning about the letter G! Students learned the letter G song:
And we listed words we know that begin with the letter G: 

 We made the letter G with playdoh!

 We also had reading buddies with Ms. Cass's class

Be sure to check Ms. King's blog!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thursday, Nov. 29th - Day 5

Hello Everyone,

  • A reminder the pick-a-time system is now live for the parent-teacher conferences happening on Dec. 6th.
  • Lunch orders for December close tomorrow at 3pm
  • Term 1 Report cards go home tomorrow.

Gym - please see Ms. Yustin's blog
Healthy Snack
Language - 
Students recited the jolly phonics songs and our letter of the week: D
Students also practiced forming the letter D in their phonics books:

Music- please see Mr. Flower's blog
Language continued
Math - Probability.  Yesterday we discussed cloudy with a chance of meatballs and the chance of this happening. Today we discussed probability language, for example, always, sometimes, and never.  We used school and our class as an example.
Below is what the students came up with:

Recess/ Lunch
Inquiry Centres 
French - Please see Mlle. Jessica's blog

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Tuesday, Nov. 27 - Day 4 (switched from day 3)

Hello everyone!

Gym- Please see Ms. Yustin's blog
Healthy Snack
Language- The students completed their letter search activity:

Morning Circle - Days of the week, months of the year, today's weather, dress for the weather.
Library - Please see Ms. Hayward's blog
Math - Sorting with Skittles!

Inquiry Centres
Pack Up/ Story Time
French- Please see Mlle. Jessica's blog

Monday, November 26, 2018

Monday, November 26th - Day 2

Hello everyone,

  • Pick A Time Information/ instruction sheets were sent home today in your child's agenda.  This system will be used for parents to book a time for parent-teacher conferences on Thursday, December 6th- The system goes live on Thursday, Nov. 29th. Please note this is a first come, first serve basis.  

  • December important dates have been updated on the class blog. 

  • Report Cards go home this Friday.  We will be discussing your child's report cards during the conferences on Dec. 6th. 

Gym- Please see Ms. Yustin's blog
Healthy Snack
Language- This week we are learning about the letter D!  Students learned the actions for the letter D jolly phonics song:
Music- Please see Mr. Flower's blog
Morning Circle - We discussed the days of the week, months of the year, today's weather, dress for the weather
Math- We sorted the items we wear in the sun, snow, and rain! Students also practiced their cutting skills.

Inquiry Centres
Pack Up/ Story Time
French - Please see Mlle. Jessica's blog